Refinance Your Current Home Loan Offer

If you have a current mortgage managed home loan, or even select bank home loans with lenders or banks who are NOT on our current panel of lenders, we are now offering a special refinance incentive that could put cash back into your pocket.
It is very important that through refinancing any customer we are finding a better deal for our customers otherwise we don't really wish to be involved as there is no point.
We will especially need your full payout figure for the existing home loan, including the full discharge fee, break costs and deferred establishment fee plus the conservative estimated value of your property/s to be refinanced.
We need to calculate the full cost of you paying out and discharging your current home loan, then we subtract this cost from the estimated savings that you may be achieve through refinancing away from your current home loan.
From this we can indicate break even points in the future where the refinance exercise will be a benefit to you and put cash back into your pocket.