Changes to Credit File Default Policy

Mon, 2008-07-14 22:35 — Guest

In times where many lenders are tightening lending policy one of our lenders has relaxed policy for home loan applicants with an Adverse Credit Report
Minor credit file defaults will now be considered as follows:
Financial Institution

  • One default not exceeding $1,000; and
  • Paid at least six months prior to the loan application; and
  • Provision of a satisfactory written explanation

- Non Financial Institution

Change to Variable Rates - effective Tuesday 8 July 2008

Fri, 2008-07-04 17:01 — Guest

St George Bank have just announced that due to continued higher costs of wholesale funding St George/BankSA will increase the interest rates on its Variable Rate Home Loans (excluding Low Doc loans) by 0.20%pa. This new rate will be effective for both new and existing borrowers from Tuesday 8 July 2008.
St George Variable interest rate Home Loan products which are increasing are;


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